Community Flood Resilience Event – 7th April 2022

Join the FREE launch event to find out about community flood resilience in the West Midlands. Everyone welcome!

Event link and online registration:

  • Receive support to create or grow a community flood group. However, you are welcome to attend if you simply have a personal interest in flood preparedness.
  • Find out about free training available for you or your group members.
  • Access networking opportunities with other community volunteers and relevant authorities.

Thanks to funding from the William A Cadbury Charitable Trust, Communities Prepared are able to provide free support and training to individuals and volunteer groups.

Communities Prepared is a national community resilience programme, equipping community volunteer groups with the knowledge, skills and confidence to prepare for, respond to, and recover from flooding and other emergencies.

Facebook: @CommunitiesPrepared

Twitter: @CommunitiesPrep

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