Crookbarrow Way Footbridge and Upper Battenhall Farm Accommodation Bridge

Worcestershire County Council (WCC) have confirmed that they are on schedule to switch traffic back to the previous eastbound (uphill) configuration on Crookbarrow Way tomorrow evening (16/03/19) as planned.

The ramped path between Crookbarrow Way and the rear of Deer Avenue will be closed from Monday 25th March until the bridge works are completed (currently estimated to be early September). A diversion will be signposted for pedestrians and cyclists. They will still be able to travel along Crookbarrow Way in both directions.

The next phase of work entails piling which is likely to be noisy. WCC hope to do the works during normal working hours but, due to the proximity to the railway line, there is a possibility that Network Rail will only permit this operation to be undertaken at night. Once WCC have reached agreement with Network Rail they will be delivering letters to nearby properties ahead of the work taking place.

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