Free SmartWater kits for Whittington

Parish Councillors Katie Lambeth-Mansell, Richard Boase and Adam Hooper took to the streets of the parish on Saturday 23rd April to deliver free SmartWater kits to residents in the village, High Park, Pershore Road, Swinesherd and parts of Wildmore and Whittington Walk.

They were assisted by Worcestershire County Councillor Linda Robinson, Wychavon District Councillor Rob Adams, PC Kelvin James and three Cadets from West Mercia Police.  Also part of the delivery team was Lily Hughes, Co-ordinator, ‘We Don’t Buy Crime”, West Mercia Police who has been a huge support to the parish and key to the success of this community initiative by pre-registering all the kits to individual households before they were delivered on Saturday.

If you were registered on the Electoral Roll in February 2022 and live in St Peters or other parts of the parish and haven’t got your kit yet, don’t worry, it’s on its way!   Thanks to County Cllr. Linda Robinson sourcing additional funding from Worcestershire County Council, together with local grant contributions from the Office of the West Mercia Police & Crime Commissioner we have been able to order a further batch of kits and we hope to get them to you in the next few weeks, but bear with us as we want to pre-register them to your name and address first to save you the trouble and that takes a little time.

In the meantime, look out for the “We Don’t Buy Crime’ signs being put up across the parish in the next couple of weeks.

Back row l-r : PC Kelvin James (West Mercia Police), Cadet, Lily Hughes (Co-ordinator, “We Don’t Buy Crime” West Mercia Police). Front row l-r : three Cadets, West Mercia Police,  Christine Boase (Resident), County Cllr. Linda Robinson (Worcestershire County Council), Parish Cllr. Katie Lambeth-Mansell (Whittington Parish Council), District Cllr. Rob Adams (Wychavon District Council), Parish Cllr. Adam Hooper (Whittington Parish Council)

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