Look out for your free SmartWater kit

Whittington Parish Council is delighted to be able to provide all residents registered on the February 2022 edition of the Electoral Register with a free SmartWater kit, which will be delivered directly to your home in the next few weeks.  SmartWater is a traceable, colourless, chemically-coded liquid unique to the household in whose name it is registered.  No other vial of SmartWater liquid in the world matches yours so it provides irrefutable traceability and undeniable proof of ownership.

Simply dab a tiny dot on to any item you would want to be identified as yours following a theft.  It might be a big screen TV or a piece of jewellery carrying sentimental value.

SmartWater is a key part of West Mercia Police’s “We Don’t Buy Crime” initiative and they are supporting us with the roll-out in the coming weeks. We would also like to acknowledge the support of County Councillor Linda Robinson who has obtained funding from Worcestershire County Council, without whose financial support we would have been unable to proceed with this community initiative for the benefit of the whole of our Parish. SmartWater was recognised as achieving an 85% reduction in domestic burglary in some SmartWater protected areas.

In the coming weeks you will see SmartWater warning signs being placed in key locations all around the parish as a deterrent to burglars who know that even the tiniest speck of SmartWater liquid is all that is needed to link them to a specific crime scene.
Your kit will also include window stickers.  We encourage you to place these in a prominent position as an additional effective deterrent.
Moving home?
If you have recently moved into your property and you receive a kit pre-registered in the previous owner’s name, don’t worry.  Keep the kit for yourself and simply contact SmartWater and let them know you are the new householder at the registered address.
When you next move home, contact SmartWater when you move to give them your new address to continue to provide protection for your valuables.
Remember! SmartWater protected items provide undeniable proof of ownership, but they can only be returned to you if SmartWater always have your most up-to-date details.

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