New Community Hall Plans

A consultation on the proposed new Community Hall and precept increase has gone live, with a closing date of the 10th August 2020.

Community Hall Precept Consultation

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Frequently asked questions:

Q: How much will the construction cost in total?
A: Construction costs will total approximately £760k.  On top of this the project has already incurred design and survey fees that the Parish Council and Village Hall Committee have already settled.  A small contingency has also been allowed for.

Q: How many responses do you need?
A: There is no minimum response required, but the Parish Council have written to every household and included a variety of ways to respond in order to capture as much feedback as possible.

Q: What proportion of positive responses do you need to carry the proposal?
A: At least a 50% positive response is required to meet the eligibility requirements for a public works loan, but the Parish Council are hopeful that there will be significant community support for this worthwhile project.

Q: Will those opposed still be required to pay the extra money?
A: Yes, the funding would be included as part of every parishioners’ council tax bill.

Q: The amount quoted is for band D. What’s the amount for other properties?
A: The projected precept rise for each tax band is as follows:

Band  A Band  B Band  C Band  D Band  E Band  F Band  G Band  H
£24.00 £28.00 £32.00 £36.00 £44.00 £52.00 £60.00 £72.00

Q: Will monies from hall rental etc. go towards paying off the costs?
A: The village hall is run as a separate charity entity and would continue to be self-funded. Any revenue generated by the new hall would go back into future improvements to the hall, maintenance expenditure and supporting events. The Parish Council cannot recover an income from the running of the hall for VAT reasons.

Q: How much of the money currently held by the Parish Council will be used for this project, and how much does it currently hold in total?
A: The Parish Council have currently invested approximately £20k of earmarked reserves into the project to get to this stage. There is approximately £400k grant funding that the Parish Council has successfully applied for, but this would only be available to draw down if the Parish Council are successful in identifying the remaining funds (via the proposed public works loan).

Q: How will parishioners access the hall, including those living on Wildmore on the other side of the dual carriageway?
A: Access is assumed to be mainly by a short relatively congestion free drive, particularly at night. By day with improved pedestrian and cycling facilities from Wildmore and Whittington Walk Estates there is the option of walking on the footpath network which will connect with all parts of Whittington Parish.  Whittington Parish is split by several road networks which separate it into a number of areas including Pershore Road and St Peter’s. On this basis the Hall lies roughly in the centre near the church, it is equally accessible to all as most would need to drive. Much the same question about accessibility would arise wherever the new hall were to be placed in the parish. Any other location would cost considerably more because of the need to acquire and prepare land.

Q: Will all parishioners have equal access to this amenity?
All parishioners will be able to hire the hall or meeting room for suitable purposes and will be encouraged to make as much use of the building and surroundings as possible. Implementation of an online booking system is planned with telephone enquiries available for those without access to the internet.

Q: How much parking (in terms of number of spaces) will be available? Will there be enough parking at the venue itself for larger events such as weddings?
A: There are 32 parking spaces laid out for the new hall, including 2 disabled spaces. The surrounding land has been designed in an optimum way to maximise spaces. There will be more spaces than is currently available and every effort will be made to use the car park and avoid parking in other areas.

Exciting plans for the proposed new Whittington Community Hall were approved at the Parish Council meeting on the 23rd July 2019.  The plans have yet to go through planning process and are subject to further change.

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