Whittington Parish Profile

Wychavon District Council has published a ‘Parish Profile’ for Whittington.

The latest population estimate for Whittington is 1,090 and the parish has larger proportions of people aged 30-44 and children aged under 8 than in the district as a whole. The proportion of the population that are aged over 45 is significantly lower than the district.

Since the 2001 census, the population of Whittington has increased by 530 people (94.6%) and the majority of this growth has come in those aged under 65. The 2017 estimated population of 1,090 compares with a 2016 estimated population of 737.

Household information is only available from the 2011 census since which, for Whittington will have been subject to significant increases. At that point though almost 60% of houses were detached, a much larger proportion than in the district as a whole. There was a larger proportion of properties that were owned in the parish whilst married couples accounted for almost half of all households, considerably more than in the wider areas.

There were 30 house sales between July 2016 and June 2017 in Whittington and the average price that these properties sold for was £352,217.

Whittington Parish Profile

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