Whittington PC receives Quality Award

Whittington Parish Council has been awarded Quality status as part of the Local Council Award Scheme. This achievement recognises that the council achieves good practice in governance, community engagement and council improvement. Quality councils go above and beyond their legal obligations, leading their communities and continuously seeking opportunities to improve and develop even further.

The Local Council Award Scheme is a peer assessed programme that has been designed to provide the tools and encouragement to councils that are at the cutting edge of the sector. It is through the sector working together to share best practice, drive up standards and supporting those who are committed to improving their offer to their communities that individual councils and the sector as a whole will reach its full potential.

The Worcestershire Association of Local Councils commented that “all the people who reviewed the document thought that the submission was excellent and pointed to how well the Council was run and managed and what great work has been done by the Clerk. The Clerk and the Council should be proud”.

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