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  1. Afternoon
    Having read the recent Parish news leaflet advising a rise in the Precept for future developments implemented.
    I would say that although I fully support the council efforts in their vision for a new village community centre, I do have reservations in the council relying on a Public Works Loan to complete the project.
    Interest rates on PWL have risen a further 1% and this could equate to several thousands of pounds of interest payments alone.
    No mention has been made as to where monies are to be found to pay back the interest and loan incurred.
    Would parishioners be faced with further hikes in the council precept to accommodate financing required to complete village community centre?

    • Thank you for your comments. The Parish Council has already secured approximately £495,000 through grants, S106 funding, reserves and fundraising; the proposed Public Works Loan will be used to make up the shortfall. Unfortunately all other options for funding have been exhausted and so if a Public Works Loan is not secured the project will most likely have to be abandoned. For further details please see the minutes of the Parish Council meeting on the 13th February 2020:

      The Public Works Loan will be funded via the Parish Council precept (a portion of the council tax bill) and this has been budgeted for, including making allowance for the increase in interest rates. The percentage increase to the precept may seem large, but in reality the precept at Whittington will still compare very favourably with most other parishes in Wychavon (and indeed nationally) and will reduce when Whittington Walk becomes fully occupied.

      • OK
        Can you please advise all in your forthcoming communication advising parishioners of the intended loan via the DMO (debt management office) to finance the new community centre build, of their obligations.

        These should include the following

        1. Term of loan

        2. The fixed interest rate. Currently 2.47% based on 30 year term.

        3. The annual cost to parishioners , which based on 500 households could be in the region of £40.00

        4. The term liability cost to parishioners

        5. Confirmation that the Parish Council
        require a loan of £420,000.00


        • Thank you for the message. A letter drop and consultation has been prepared and is going out to residents very shortly with further details of the proposed Public Works Loan.

  2. Please could you advise when the roads and paths will be finished on the Persimmon development? Besides being unsightly, they are a health and safety hazard for pedestrians, particularly people with prams or wheelchairs and they are also causing damage to cars.

    • Thank you for the message. This is something that the Parish Council are also keen to see resolved. Unfortunately the onus is on the developer to get the roads up to specification and adopted, not Worcestershire County Council, and so there is often little pressure that can be applied. This issue will be discussed at the next Parish Council meeting (currently scheduled for 7:30PM on Tuesday 21st May) and councillors will review how to highlight these concerns.


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